As COVID-19 has left a mark on the world map, every single industry has taken a drastic hit. The jobs are now more remote-work oriented to keep the safety measures in place. The entire role of management of employees has become more difficult than ever and requires extensive meetings to make sure that the work is carried out in a steady and efficient manner. Overall, the job of HR has also become much time-consuming that before since there are tons of new areas that the HR has to look onto. So finding Best HR Management Software for your company can be a real hassle.

To find the solution to this whole scenario we searched to find the best HR Management Software for you and your company so you can spend less time in management and more time focusing on your business. Some of the must have features in a HR management Software include

  • Employee management
  • Attendance Management
  • Task Management
  • Checklist
  • Monitoring
  • Geo Fencing

Along with these features we found a software: Silem which offered much more than that. Offering wide range of advanced dynamic features Silem also offers reporting with AI which makes it the best HR Management Software providing a robust set of business intelligence and predictive analytics tools. Powered by AI and machine learning, they provide data insights to drive intelligent decisions.

Main features that SILEM exclusively offers include Check-In and Check-out of employees. Geo-fencing enables the administrator to set up areas to limit where the employee can be permitted to clock-in, clock-out their shifts. Bringing complete automation to the process of managing employee’s attendance and shift check-ins/check-outs. The feature of geo-fencing provides you easy to setup check-in radar on map. Post COVID-19, when the world has gone remote geo-fencing provides you complete check of your employees and easy to manage area limit where employees can mark their presence while staying in their homes. All these features check our list to find you the best HR Management Software, Silem.